James Weber Jr. *** jwwjrxo at tutanota dot com 


History Department at University of New Orleans * August 2018 til... (Graduate Student / currently: 20th Century Popular Music / Cold War + GHWB + Non-Aligned Movement / Urban Renewal + Rhythm'n'Blues + New Orleans)


Euclid Records in New Orleans * September 2010 til August 2018 (Builder / Operator / "All the Stuff" / Record Store Human)


Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis * August 2000 til August 2009 (Manager / Musical Technician / Record Store Human)


Life on Earth * 1976 til... (Writer of stuffs and songs / (Lapsed) Pinball Enthusiast / Multi-Platform Content Provider)


"The meadow does grow. O woe to the man hiding meadows inside him. For how would it grow? I sure wouldn't know how a meadow could grow. And big arp wouldn't either. For grass does grow stalks. And meadow lifts stalks unto sky. And wind bloweth winds. Stalk tremors for joy. Sun shines through the grass. Sky mirrors my blue. And earthsmell wafts fragrances. Who could know how to grow? Who would know from a meadow? I dream meadows pra." - Kurt Schwitters